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Defining conditions, targetgroups and aims of the project. Collecting these specifications in a carefully put together briefing.

Developing a detailed concept, fitting custom needs and expectations. Setting the base for a successful implementation.

Designing and developing a quality solution for a great user experience.

chapter 3 // 4

Work & Projects

Haptic Light – Art Installation

logo svg animation

»Haptic Light« is a reinterpretation of real light, as we know it. The recipient has the opportunity to experience light in an unfamiliar way. At interaction the installation reacts in form of visual and auditive impulses.

The installation alters our perception of light and awakens our mutual, native eagerness of experimentation, by combining reality and fiction. Similar to phantom pain it simulates haptics to our brain. Our senses strive to feel the light.

The projected particles become tangible for the hands of the recipient. Deep, for human ears unrecognizable sounds, are converted by membranes to the arms of the user on the openings of the box. The particles form a circle which can be distorted with both hands. At the same time the particles keep moving in their own behalf. By grabbing and holding, the density and radius can be modified. The extend of distortion is reflected to a range of audio frequencies.

supervised and supported by
Prof. Dr. Klaus Birk
Martin Hesselmeier
Kristof Georgen

interactive projection interactive projection interactive projection interactive projection

This is an early version of the code that runs in the background. Later the leap motion support and input of two hands with individual grabbing gestures was added.

Robi Education – Logo Animation

logo svg animation

»Robi Education« is a fictional tool for schools and universities. Its aim is to guide and support students through their individual education process. Detecting deficits and documenting improvements.

The logo animation is inspired by the bright markers students use daily in their textbooks. Building its self up with ease, the animation implements a feeling of motivation. Color and movement result in a cheeky but focused appearance. Positioning the app as a connection between student and teacher.

web mobile phone

SVG Animated Infographic

logo svg animation

Vector Graphics open great opportunities for animation on the web. Since they are infinitely scalable, their file size is quite small and it is possible to add interactivity to them, they out run videos and gifs in many applications. This infographic is smoothly morphing between its three different states. The script in the background translates every anchor point and bezier curve independently. A new path is generated for every frame.

mooove – Animated Keyvisual

Animated Keyvisual

»mooove« is a fictional app that could change the way we rent spaces – by suggesting people in and around cities to intelligently switch their flats. Ultimately shortening ways and benefiting the infrastructure by minimizing commuting.

The animated SVG-key-visual communicates the adoptive and fast evolving nature of the app. It's aim is to present moving flats as a refreshing and simple action. Just as easy as skipping ropes.

mood – Stimulating Herbal Tea

logo svg animation

Through simplicity and conciseness the concept of »mood« is aimed to gain trust.

Organically grown ingredients and sustainable packaging show the amount of care that goes into the product range.

In this dummy a possible product presentation is being illustrated. Leading the user to the individual product features by hiding information just to be revealed by the users interaction. Goal is building desire to action.

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